Socialism through the Republican lens

Republicans have long used the congressional floor to step on socialism and warn against its rise in the United States. Questioning Democrats loyalty has been a decades-long GOP strategy.

Blue Dog vs. Progressive: What to Watch in the Illinois Primaries

Illinois’ congressional primaries are on Tuesday, March 20. Senior political reporter Simone Pathé walks you through the race for the state’s 3rd District, a match-up between longtime incumbent Rep. Daniel Lipinski — a centrist, pro-life Democrat — and Marie Newman, a progressive marketing consultant with the support of several liberal members of Congress, including Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Delegates Network Found Alternate VP Pick — But Name Still a Secret
Group says paperwork delays foiled nomination of "genuine progressive" rival to Tim Kaine

Supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders chanted as delegates entered the security perimeter for the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on the first day of the Democratic National Convention Monday. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

The Bernie Delegates Network announced at their Tuesday morning meeting that they had found a "genuine progressive" alternative to Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine who had been willing to be nominated for vice president.  

But the group would not release the name because it was "moot," said co-founder Jeff Cohen. The network was unable to obtain the necessary forms from the Democratic National Committee in time to put his or her name into nomination.